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LaTeX is a document preparation system used for the communication and publication of scientific documents.

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Many LaTeX editors do exists, one example is Overleaf.



Overleaf is a web-based LaTeX system, meaning you can write your LaTeX documents in your web browser, you co-work and share documents with others.

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The following textbook regarding Python is written with Overleaf:

Python Programming

- This is a textbook in Python Programming with lots of Examples, Exercises, and Practical Applications within Mathematics, Simulations, Control Systems, DAQ, Database Systems, etc.

You find Source Code and additional Examples below.


LaTeX Resources

Below you find some useful LaTeX resources:


LaTeX Resources at WikiBooks:


Create LaTeX Tables online: - Creating Tables in LaTeX can be cumbersome - This tool makes it easy to design your Table Layout and generate the neccessar LaTex code for it.


SciWeavers Formula Editor for LaTeX: - LaTeX has powerfull formula syntax, but it can be cumbersome writing compex equations and formulaes

Additional Resources

Below you will find more interesting resources


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Database Systems

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Industrial IT

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