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USB-6008, or similiar, are DAQ devices from National Instruments. You can use them preferably together with LabVIEW, but you can also use them together with Visual Studio/C#, MATLAB, Python, etc.

USB-6008, USB-6001 (USB-600x), myDAQ, etc. all use the same driver, which is the NI-DAQmx.

Data Acquisition (DAQ) is the process of collection data from different sensors into a computer.

A DAQ System consists of 4 parts: Physical input/output signals, sensors DAQ device/hardware Driver software Your software application (Application software).


USB-6008 Overview


Self-paced Course Manual with Exercises


DAQ Videos

Below you find some useful Videos regarding DAQ and USB-600x.

LabVIEW and USB-6008

USB-6008 in Visual Studio and C#


Datalogging and Monitoring

Cloud-based Datalogging and Monitoring and Analysis



Where to Buy?

Here are some alternatives:

Options Price (NOK) Suppliers
USB-6001 ~1800 National Instruments
USB-6008 ~2300 National Instruments
myDAQ ~2000 Studica

Want to buy your own DAQ device? I recommend myDAQ. myDAQ is a LabVIEW/Visual Studio (DAQmx) compatible DAQ Device, similiar to USB-6008. myDAQ is made for students, so myDAQ can be purchased at a student-friendly price from Studica. Or you could also consider USB-6008 or USB-6001 - buy it, e.g., from ebay.


DAQ in Visual Studio/C#

Data Acquisition in Visual Studio and C# using USB-6008 as an example


USB-6008 in Visual Studio and C#

This video is also available from my official YouTube Channel:


Code Examples:

C# DAQ Examples


DAQ in Python

Python is an open source and cross-platform programming language, that has become increasingly popular over the last ten years.


DAQ with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

DAQ with I/O Modules in Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

Sensors and Actuators with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

TMP36 Temperature Sensor with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

Thermistor Temperature Sensor with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

Light Sensors with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

Push Buttons with with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)


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