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USB-6008, or similiar (USB-600x, etc.), are DAQ devices from National Instruments. You can use them preferably together with LabVIEW, but you can also use them together with Visual Studio/C#, MATLAB, Python, etc.

USB-6008, USB-6001 (USB-600x), myDAQ, etc. all use the same driver, which is the NI-DAQmx.

Data Acquisition (DAQ) is the process of collection data from different sensors into a computer. A DAQ System consists of 4 parts: Physical input/output signals, sensors DAQ device/hardware Driver software Your software application (Application software).

To use the TC-01 Thermocouple device or the USB-6008 DAQ from National Instruments, you need to install the NI-DAQmx driver.

Here you find information about the TC-01 specifications. Here you find the TC-01 User Guide.

Make sure to read the User Guide and Specifications for USB-6008 and USB-6008 Pinout.



DAQmx in LabVIEW (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF) - Communicate with NI DAQ Devices in LabVIEW. The tutorial shows different ways to use the DAQmx functionality in LabVIEW with practical LabVIEW examples.

LabVIEW DAQ and I/O Modules (Website)


DAQ in Visual Studio/C#

In Visual Studio/C# you can use the most of the DAQ hardware from NI since the DAQmx driver also supports Visual Studio/C# programming.

To use the USB-6008 DAQ from National Instruments in Visual Studio/C#, you need to install the NI-DAQmx driver.

Note! The NI-DAQmx driver do not support the newer .NET Core or .NET 5/6/7, only NET Framework 4.x. Make sure to select "NI-DAQmx Support for .NET Framework 4.x" and "NI-DAQmx Support for Visual Studio 20xx" during the installation of DAQmx. When creating a new project in Visual Studio, make sure to select the template called "Windows Forms App (.NET Framework)".

Make sure to read the User Guide and Specifications for USB-6008 and USB-6008 Pinout.


Visual Studio/C# DAQ Resources:

Visual Studio/C# and DAQ - Exemplified using DAQ hardware and DAQmx from NI


DAQ in Python

Python is an open source and cross-platform programming language, that has become increasingly popular over the last ten years.


DAQ with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

DAQ with I/O Modules in Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

Sensors and Actuators with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

TMP36 Temperature Sensor with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

Thermistor Temperature Sensor with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

Light Sensors with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)

Push Buttons with with Python (YouTube) + PowerPoint (PDF)


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