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Hans-Petter Halvorsen

Web Programming

Learning Web Technology is essential today because Internet has become the number one source to information, and many of the traditional software applications have become Web Applications. Web Applications have become more powerfull and can fully replace desktop application in most situations.
Thats why you need to know basic Web Programming, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To create more powerful Web Sites and Web Applications you also need to know about Web Servers, Database Systems and Web Frameworks like PHP, ASP.NET, etc.


It all started with Internet (1960s) and the World Wide Web - WWW (1991). The first Web Browser, Netscape, came in 1994. This was the beggining of a new era, where everything is connected on internet, the socalled Internet of Things (IoT).


Video: Web Programming Overview:

Web Programming Overview


To create a typical web page you need to combine 3 languages:


Below we se the triangle used in most web pages, namely HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Use HTML to define the content of web pages, CSS is used to specify the layout of web pages, while JavaScript is used to program the behavior of web pages.

For creating more dynamic web pages, we typically also use a web framework like PHP or ASP.NET, etc. With these frameworks you can communicate with a database for storing or retrieving data.

Web Programming Overview




HTML, or HyperText Markup Language is the visual appearance of a web site. You could say it is the language spoken by web browsers that makes it possible to see web contents in your web browser. All web browser understand HTML. HTML 5 is the latest. HTML is maintained by W3C - World Wide Web Consortium.

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Introduction to Web Programming - with Step by Step Examples

Create Web Pages using HTML and CSS


Video: HTML and CSS:

Create Web Pages using HTML and CSS




ASP.NET is a Web Framework for creating Web Pages ASP.NET is built on top of the .NET Framework

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PHP is a server-side scripting language for web development. It is use to make dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP is an old and well-known technology, but it is still very popular and easy to learn. PHP is open source (free) and cross-platform. Espessially, the combination of PHP and MySQL is a powerful combination used to create rich, dynamic web pages.

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Database Systems

Here you find information and resources for some popular database systems:

SQL Server




Web Servers

The term web server can refer to either the hardware (the computer) or the software (the computer application) that helps to deliver web content that can be accessed through the Internet.

The most common use of web servers is to host websites, but there are other uses such as gaming, data storage or running enterprise applications.

Here are some popular Web Servers:



LAMP is popular when it comes to Web Programming. LAMP consists of the following components:

Linux Operating System

Apache Web Server (Apache HTTP Server)

MySQL Database System

PHP Programming Language

All of these 4 components are open-source, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.


Web Services

Web Services Overview


Additional Resources

Below you find additional resources.


Safari Books Online - Lots of free books within Programming and Software Engineering. The university has a subscription, so you can use it for free!

Lynda.com - Video Resourses within Programming, etc. The university has a subscription, so you can use it for free!

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