Cloud Computing and Hosting

Hans-Petter Halvorsen

Cloud Computing and Hosting

Many Cloud Computing and Hosting Providers do exist today, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.

Here you can rent Cloud based services like Virtual Machines (Computers with OS running in the Cloud), Web Server, Database Systems, etc. based on a monthly fee.

Microsoft Azure

You could say Microsoft Azure is "Windows running in the Cloud".

Microsoft Azure Overview


The Video below gives an Introduction to Microsoft Azure:


Microsoft Azure Home Page


Microsoft Azure for Students

Students and staff at the univerity can get free (but limited) access to Microsoft Azure through the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

Microsoft Azure for Students


Cloud Computing and Hosting Applications

Below we see a practical example.

Cloud-based Data Logging, Monitoring and Analysis:



Azure Data Studio

Azure Data Studio is a lightweight multi-platform (Windows, macOS and Linux) version of SQL Server Management Studio.

You can use it to create or manage your Databases created in Azure.

Download Azure Data Studio


Read more about Microsoft SQL Server here.

Additional Resources

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Internet of Things

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Raspberry Pi

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Here you can learn Arduino and find lots of applications


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Machine Learning

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Datalogging and Monitoring

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Industrial IT

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